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Innova GStar Distance Drivers


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Innova's GStar is highly grippy and slightly softer than our standard Star material. Flexibility and grip exceeds our other premium plastics. 
Distance Drivers. Speed 14 to 9. They offer players more distance off the tee than other types of discs. Gram weight vary from disc to disc. Beginners may find distance drivers more challenging to control. Proper technique is useful to get the most out of these discs.

Beast-10/5/-2/2- You can tame the Beast! A forgiving flyer provides max distance with a generous glide.

Destroyer- 12/5/-1/3- Transform your game and maximize distance on the line you choose.

Mamba- 11/6/-5/1- A driver designed to give new players more distance with less effort. Easy rollers.

Tern- 12/6/-3/2- Like the name, this disc has natural turn, big glide and is designed for long shot shaping.

Thunderbird- 9/5/0/2- Thunderous applause. Try one and see why.

Valkyrie-9/4/-2/2- Distance for newer players while skilled players can master tricky lines.