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Innova DX Mid Range


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DX Mid Range-
Mid Range are great for all types of shots. Great for all players from beginners to advanced and easy to control. 

Speed Range from 5 to 4. Gram weight will vary from disc to disc.

Gator- 5/2/0/4- Quick and powerful, the Gator will wrestle the wind.

Manta- 5/5/-2/1- Smooth sailing to the pin with this straight Mid-range with a gentle turn.

Roc-  4/4/0/3- Likes is namesake, this disc is larger than life. It's legendary.

Roc 3- 5/4/0/3- The Roc for people who love to throw farther down the fairway.

Shark- 4/4/0/2- No target is safe from the Shark. Smooth flights with a bite at the end.

VRoc- 4/4/0/1- A Roc with a convex lower edge. The VRoc can handle extra torque without flipping.