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Innova Champion Distance Drivers


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Champion plastic is the original ultra-durable golf disc plastic. These discs wear slower and last for hundreds of rounds.
Benefits: Slower to "Beat In", Most durable plastic, & Beautiful clear look. 
Distance Drivers are the pinnacle of golf disc design. They offer players more distance off the tee than other types of discs.
Speed Range from 14 to 9. Gram weight vary from disc to disc. 
Beginners may find distance drivers more challenging to control. Proper technique is useful to get the most out of these discs.

Beast- 10/5/-2/2- You can tame the Beast! A forgiving flyer providing maximum distance and generous glide.

14/5/-2/3- A larger than life speed 14 driver that is a giant atop the Innova Flight Chart. 

12/5/-1/3- Transform your game. Maximum distance on the line.

9/3/0/4- Got power? The Firebird can handle it. A pro's choice for wind and overhead shots. 

9/5/-4/1- In the air or on the ground: A beginner friendly driver that makes a great roller. 

9/5/-3/1- Great first driver and a phenomenal roller. Easy to throw far, useful for pros too. 

9/5/0/2- Thunderous applause. Try one and you will see why.

X Caliber- 
12/5/0/4- Got ample power? An excellent choice for confidence in the wind!