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About Us

At Smokin Hot we strive to provide the best customer service and a friendly home town shopping experience.

Fine Cigars

For the seasoned cigar aficionado on the hunt for an unforgettable smoke or the newcomer with a developing palate, Smokin Hot Cigars is your place for an extraordinary smoking experience. Our dedicated staff of cigar experts have gathered a premium inventory of fine cigars and accessories to accommodate your distinct tastes.

So how can Smokin Hot Cigars assist you on your quest to the perfect smoke?


Our focus is to bring top quality E-Cig/ Vaping products and education about the benefits of vaping to our community.

We offer a premium selection of MODs, E-juices, tips, tanks, batteries, and E-Cig Starter Kits.

We personally have chosen the best products of the highest quality to make sure each customer has the best possible vaping experience. We recommend starter kits which are available in a variety of formats to perfectly match every customer, no matter what their taste may be.

You can also relax in our Smokin Hot lounge where you can enjoy all of our vaping products.